Hot Pink Spice Saga hits the shelves Friday 7 November!

Julie and I are in love with food, in love with travel and in love with India. Join us in getting to know this fascinating country through its cuisine: be it street food, feasts, or an everyday meal cooked on the floor of a tiny shack.

We travelled to tea plantations in the mountains, stayed in palaces and slept on a train: that ‘wonderland of unmitigated, primeval swamp muck'. While I hosted my culinary tours, Julie took photographs and we wrote down our friends and colleague's recipes.

Over 60 recipes showcase distinct regional traditions, passed on from the generous people we've met on our travels. Carefully chosen and adapted to be easy for the home cook, they are all mouth-wateringly delicious. They include such delicacies as Rajasthani white lamb curry, coriander cardamom chicken, almond sweet pudding and rose-petal ice cream. 

Julie's fabulous photographs convey the colour of this magnificent country, and are almost good enough to eat. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Available at all good booksellers from Friday 7 November 2014.