A Decade of Magical Marrakech

The May Marrakech culinary adventure felt extra special for me as it marked 10 years of my Marrakech tour. A decade ago I would never have dreamed my tour company would become what it is today. It started off as a bit of fun and a way to share my love and knowledge of food and travel with others. It was never meant to be a real business, or a proper job... and I feel very fortunate that it almost never feels like one.  

Whilst we started the business in Uzès, it occurred to us that we could travel the concept and and turn it into a moveable feast. I had already written a book on Morocco so knew it was an exotic, romantic destination... and the perfect place for a culinary escape. Every year the Marrakech tour fills up faster than a glass of sweet mint tea. Moroccans are famous for their hospitality, generosity and loving nature. I have been working with the same people in Marrakech since the beginning and it's all just a great big fat love story.

This year was no different – our stay in the countryside at Florence's hand-made mud brick mansion was absolutely wonderful with respect for the land, eating what was grown in her garden and cooking traditional favourites like tangia (beef stew) and mhansha (coiled pastry) in the kitchen. Our days in the medina with Adriano, owner of our riad, were filled with fish tagine, shopping for gorgeous rugs and blankets and a riotous final night party where even the maids and cooks came out and danced with us. As always, my heartfelt thanks go to our wonderful hosts, the fabulous Gastronomads and to all of you who've joined me in Marrakech over the last 10 years.

Bookings for Marrakech 2019 are open now. And to celebrate this momentous milestone I'm giving away 2 pairs of my Moroccan tassel earrings. Head over to my Facebook page and tag a friend. 

I've just arrived back in Uzès from a fabulous wedding in Puglia.... no one does a wedding like the Italians... style overload. Next up are two big beautiful tours in the Basque Country. As you know, my house, right in the centre of town in Uzès is available for rent while I'm away. You can check it out here if you'd like to have a look around. Naturally, I highly recommend a stay at Maison de la Diligence!

A bientôt


Gastronomads on their week-long dinner party in Marrakech.

Gastronomads on their week-long dinner party in Marrakech.