Passionate for Puglia

The Puglia tour was nothing short of stupendous – we sang, we danced, we ate, we drank lots of Susumaniello, we sailed, we swam and we cooked wonderful food. My big discovery on this trip was the mountain sausage from Matera called Pezzente. It is a sausage made from pork, fat, wild fennel, sweet Senese peppers and garlic and is part of the Slow Food Presidium. Because it looks so rustic you expect it to be firm but it is tender and just melts in your mouth. The gastronomads were a joy from beginning to end and we were so in love with each other, we are still WhatsApp-ing photos and travel stories. The other exceptional thing about this tour was that it was filmed by our adorable videographer Angelo, so here's a quick look at our final night party. I'll be doing it all again 1-8 September 2019 and bookings are open!

Want to know why it ain't over till it's over at your next event?

'We have to be willing to get rid of the life we've planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us' –Joseph Cambell. I am available for event speaking in New Zealand to explain to you why beating things till stiff changes your life, why food is the secret to happiness, why redheads have more fun and how travel not only improves your mind, it makes your mind. Available from mid November – details on the website.

South India Tour January 2019

We kick-off our tour in Chennai (old Madras), then drive in luxury cars down to French influenced Pondicherry, move on to art-deco houses in Chettinad, drive on to ancient Madurai and finish up in the Palani Hills at Rajakkad Estate. In terms of cuisine think yoghurt, tamarind, lots of vegetables, pomegranates, feasts on banana leaves, black pepper chicken, fish curry, chillies, dosa and the gorgeous puffy white appam rice and coconut pancakes, lentils, vegetarian temple food and smashing sour chutneys. Also think yoga and meditation. There are still a few places –20-30 January 2019.

I am now packing up my life in Uzès and girding my loins for India where I will spend the next two months hosting my North India and Rajasthan tours, buying hand-made clothes I don't need and practicing yoga... which I do need. Namaste and like I said – it ain't over till you know when ....