Beat Till Stiff


Published by A PENGUIN ORIGINAL, 2008

The irrepressible Peta Mathias is a woman who has never been afraid to embrace life with all its glorious inconsistencies, joys and heartbreaks. While we know her as an engaging television presenter, an inspiring food writer and a delightful raconteur, in 'Can We Help It If We're Fabulous?' Peta instantly becomes every woman's confidante, as she shares with us the wisdom she has learnt over her years of living outrageously. She is a woman who appreciates the importance of a gorgeous pair of shoes and the perfect shade of lipstick. She knows the value of good friends, great music, lively conversation, beautiful surroundings and a one-way ticket to an exotic destination. And having loved and lost - more than once - Peta also has her own theories on why relationships begin and end. And then there's the sex chapter! Inspirational, razor-witted and irresistibly funny, 'Can We Help It If We're Fabulous?' is Peta Mathias at her wisest - and naughtiest. This book is for each and every fabulous woman out there.

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