A land of fierce warriors, the Rajputs and the oldest civilisation in the world. Rajasthan is the India of  postcards and holiday brochures.


Welcome to Rajasthan – a dazzling land of deserts, lakes, palaces, colour, textiles and buffalo butter. It is famed for its luxurious upperclass cookery – an exotic mix of dry, spicy desert food and gloriously rich, creamy Muslim indulgence. Rajasthan is wildly inspiring in terms of design, cuisine, music, old crafts like weaving, painting, tie-dying and really traditional culture.

It is the only state which had relatively little British intrusion during the Raj (British control), retaining autonomy and semi-feudal princely rule right up to 1971 when Indira Gandhi abolished the maharajas. It is the most conservative and culturally rich state in India.

We meet up in Udaipur at the Lake Pichola Hotel and begin our stay with a welcome dinner followed by three days enjoying art, painting and culture right on the edge of the famous lake. Next stops are Narlai and Rohet Wilderness Camp in the Thar desert for three days of cooking classes, music, village walks, a jeep safari adventure and a sunset horse-ride. Our final three nights are spent in the blue city of Jodhpur at the very chic Raas Hotel, where a fabulous final night party concludes our tour. 

Along the way we learn how to tie-dye, paint temple art, cook in the desert, find out how to weave with gold thread, float on lakes, eat with our fingers in faded glory palaces and do a bit of yoga when it all gets too fabulous and we need a lie down.

IMPORTANT: For this tour you must be physically fit and healthy with no mobility issues. There is a lot of walking involved and the temperatures are hot.

Peta mathias talks to locals on her sulinary tour in south india/tamil nadu

Join Peta on tour in Narlai, Rajasthan.

Tour details

2020 Rajasthan TOUR

Udaipur, Narlai, Rohet & Jodhpur

20 – 29 October



 NZD 8,750 per person
(based on twin share) 

This includes 9 nights accommodation, airport transfers on days 1 & 10, Peta and our local guide, internal transport, cooking classes, entrances, all meals & wine with meals.

$950 single supplement subject to availability.

Maximum of 12 guests.


In Udaipur we stay at
 Lake Pichola Hotel

In Narlai we stay at
 Rawla Narlai

In Rohet we stay at the
Rohet Wilderness Camp

In Jodhpur we stay at
 Raas Jodhpur

About our tours

Our mission has always been to provide really authentic gastronomic and cultural experiences. We travel initially to lose ourselves and next to find ourselves, because travel cracks us open and so pushes us over all the walls and low horizons that habits and defensiveness set up.  

Behind every person and every household is a story of local traditions and daily life in villages and towns. Traditional food is about ancestral memories and looking back and holding on to old cultures – it is profoundly about identity.  Come with us and partake in the honesty, grace, generosity and fun that is a Peta Mathias tour. Suitable for fit and healthy gastronomic adventurers!

I absolutely love travels with Peta and understand how much goes into her fabulous tours. There is a special je ne sais quoi about Peta and her tours and as usual the Rajasthan tour was unique and different with a lot of heart and soul. The guide Diggi was fabulous as is the lovely PA Rosie.
— Clare Turner
I want to thank you for yet another wonderful experience in Rajasthan, we had the best time and all four of us loved every minute - it is fortunate Stephen has thousands of photos to keep the memories alive …. I would very happily go back to Narlai.
— The Hill Family